The Parasol Group


The Q Foundation:

  1. Digital competences trainings in Polish-Ukrainian groups – with translators – 100-hour group; at the moment we are running a pilot version for 20 people, including 16 people from Ukraine, in Poręby Dymarskie. More people are now being recruited. If anyone would like to receive such a training in their location, please contact us.
  2. Power Bank to help:
  • Heated tents equipped with power and heat generators; one of them was used at the Medyka border crossing on the Ukrainian side (currently it is being moved to another location), the second one is located on the Polish side in Medyka and it is being used by scouts, who additionally run a food point there;
  • Psychological support point in Przemyśl; as of 1st of April 2 streetworkers are employed by us. They will work locally in Przemyśl but they will also go to the border crossings and logistic centre in Cieszanów. So far the point has been used by volunteer psychologists, 2 streetworkers;
  • Safe place – therapists for volunteers – a website which allows therapists and psychologists to register their services for volunteers. Volunteers can then choose from a collected database of therapists (the alpha version is already working, as of Tuesday beta version should be functioning)
  • Leaflets for volunteers on the topic of psychological hygiene – 2000 pieces sent to 50 organisations and distributed among points in Przemyśl and Bieszczady, another batch is being printed at the moment, pdf available for download on fan page of the Q foundation).
  1. Recycling helps – collecting electro-waste with the aim of helping the partner city in Ukraine (Komarowo) – 12 tons of electro- waste was collected. It gives about 5000 PLN (the action is closed at the moment, we will do it again soon).
  2. Action called #counterdisinformation – cleaning up the internet – e-volunteers associated with the Q Foundation and culture in quarantine, report fake news and promote information campaigns about fake news.
  3. Care and support for “local” refugees – we employ 1 person (internship), we help other people to find a job, we support collection of things and respond to current needs.
  4. Translator online and on the go (among other things they support educational activities).
  5. For the Umbrella Group – graphic design and social media support, and together with Anna we keep up to date with what the NGO brings to the table internally and externally.
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