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Fundacja Bieszczadzka

38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne

ul. 1 Maja 16

tel. 13 469 7297

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  1. Since the first days of the conflict in Ukraine, the Bieszczady Foundation has been coordinating volunteers at the reception points in Łodynia and its subordinate point in Równia (three-shift work, each of them lasting 8 hours). A total of over 300 volunteers are involved, including members of the foundation, farmers’ wives’ associations, other local associations and foundations, voluntary fire brigades and others.
  2. We have been building networks of NGOs from the Bieszczady region to help refugees (over 20 NGOs).
  3. We have opened a bank account to help refugees, and to heat tents, buy food and hygiene products
  4. We have provided housing for a family from Ukraine and the food for the family is at the expense of the restaurant (“Czatownia Bistro Café”)
  5. We have been supporting authorities of the town of Ustrzyki Dolne in coordinating the work at the border crossing in Krościenko as well as the reception points and warehouses for equipment and food for refugees.
  6. We are a centre of information and connecting resources in Bieszczady region.
  7. Other actions resulting from emerging problems and needs.
  8. We have been funds from external sources to implement activities for the benefit of the refugees.
  9. We provide accommodation, food as well as safe and hygienic working conditions (about 100 man-days so far) for volunteers who are not from Bieszczady region.


As the Bieszczady Foundation, we would like to continue the actions undertaken so far:

  1. Coordination of volunteering at reception points in Łodynia and Równia.
  2. Supporting activities at the border crossing in Krościenko.
  3. Providing volunteers with safe and hygienic working and living conditions in the Bieszczady region.
  4. Supporting Ukrainian citizens in need (by providing accommodation, food, counselling, support in obtaining PESEL, which is the Polish national identity number (free photo).
  5. Raising funds from external sources to implement activities for the benefit of the refugees.
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