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Bieszczadzki Uniwersytet Ludowy
Dźwiniacz Dolny 13,
38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne

Ewidencja prowadzona przez Starostę Bieszczadzkiego – nr 2 w ewidencji
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tel: 667 048 313

Osoba do kontaktu: Edyta Salnikow
tel: 667 048 313


The scope of the University's activities:

  1. In cooperation with the Ekoskop Association, we have initiated the creation of an agreement among NGOs from Podkarpackie Province to help Ukraine and the refugees. As a result, the Umbrella Group has been founded,bringing together NGOs and the activists who provide assistance. More about the Umbrella Group:
    As the People's University of Bieszczady, we are one of the leaders of the group. Our responsibility is to moderate the work of the group and represent/advocate for the group.
  2. We are also responsible for coordination of volunteers who are supporting activities of the Umbrella Group members. We have invited over 100 volunteers to cooperate, including NGOs from our province, e.g. the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Zbydniów, the Association of Local Action Group "Partnership for Nisko Land". Our volunteers provide assistance at reception points in Łodynia and Równia, as well as in Budomierz, at the border crossing in Krościenko, and support the cargo handling points in Przemyśl and Cieszanów. We support the activities of the Bieszczady Foundation and the Folkowisko Association as well as informal initiatives. We recruit volunteers mostly from the north of Podkarpacie province and more distant parts of Poland. Volunteers are sent to aid stations in groups of 2 to 6 people for a minimum of 2 to 7 days. In this way, we work continuously from the beginning of March 2022.
  3. Involvement of the research community from the University of Rzeszów into supporting of aid activities for Ukraine, refugees themselves as well as the integration of our nations.
  4. We support NGOs in applying for external funds, e.g. PROO 5, KPRM and others.
  5. Our members run a collection point in Sanok and in Zaleszany. They play a role of social assistants for the Ukrainians who live in Sanok. It is possible thanks to their knowledge of Ukrainian and Russian languages.
  6. We have developed fundamentals for creating the Refugee Support Centre in Sanok. These are complex, systemic activities that create space for individual and group counselling for new residents of Poland, including conducting language courses, trainings and integration meetings as well as running a voluntary café. We have submitted the project to the Provincial Office and it has been approved. Currently we are looking for funds to finance above-mentioned activities.


As the People's University of Bieszczady, we would like to follow up on the below activities:

  1. Coordination of the work of volunteers from the region to support organisations working to help Ukraine/refugees/integration of the nations.
  2. Forming networks of organisations and coordination of the Umbrella Association activities
  3. Running an information point for refugees in Sanok
  4. Organization of respite trips for volunteers to the Bieszczady mountains.
  5. Conducting Ukrainian and Polish language courses (we intend to employ people of Ukrainian origin).
  6. Carrying out scientific research on the current situation in order to prepare recommendations for NGOs and the Government.
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