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Association of International Projects "INPRO"

Plac Dworcowy 1, 35-201 Rzeszów

tel. 721 109 179

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The INPRO Association finances the work of 20 young volunteering Polish-Ukrainian translators, who help at the Rzeszów train station. They work full time, in a three-shift system, which guarantees the continuity of assistance, including translation services. The work of the association's team and funds from the European Solidarity Corps (the organization works thanks to them) ensure the coverage of the costs of accommodation, food and pocket money for the whole team of volunteers. The association also provides them with substantive support (in cooperation with the Rzeszów City Hall) as well as psychological counselling. The project was initially planned to run from 12 th March to 12 th April, 2022. On 4 th April 2022, the Rzeszów City Council asked the INPRO Association for further support and extension of the project's duration by 4 weeks, i.e. until 8 th May.

The second area is the integration of young Ukrainian refugees into socio-cultural activities in Rzeszów, i.e. supporting the process of integrating refugees into the local daily life. Currently, the association is recruiting for a group volunteering project, which starts on 24th April. The association has the financial means to host 16 people for 7 weeks, covering their accommodation, food and pocket money. Volunteers engaged in the project will organize youth information days, workshops, meetings and other educational activities for the benefit of the community in Rzeszów, including the Ukrainians. The priority during the recruitment procedure is given to the young Ukrainian people. The organization is currently looking for volunteers aged 18-30, especially those who are destitute, staying in Rzeszów and planning to stay here and looking for something to start with. The participants of the project are provided with financial, content-related and psychological support.

What's more, the Association also finances the costs of young volunteers’ work in the Bureau of Art Exhibitions (BWA) in Krosno, which is its partner organization. BWA has already accepted one Ukrainian volunteer, who started working in Krosno last week. In the near future, BWA will take in more volunteers from Ukraine – 2 people for 2 months and 2 more for the whole year. This is possible because BWA has the Quality Seal of the EKS program, which makes it possible to host volunteers.

All activities are financed from the projects run by the INPRO Association, which acquires funds from the European Solidarity Corps program. The organization is one of the largest beneficiaries of this program in Poland, annually hosting about 80 young volunteers, not only from Ukraine, but also from all over Europe. The annual budget of the organization for coordinating volunteering projects is approximately 200,000 EUR. The headquarters of the INPRO Association are located in the heart of Rzeszów – in the building of the train station. The organization has a space of 350m2, which consists of 5 offices, a training room, social facilities and a hostel with 7 rooms and sanitary facilities for 24 people. On the basis of the long-lasting experience in the international cooperation, the INPRO Association provides support to other humanitarian organizations or individual activists, especially foreign ones, when needed. It offers support in searching for information and contacts, all kind of help in English. INPRO allows for the usage of the office space as well as provides accommodation in the organization's hostel. It is currently used by the largest humanitarian organization dealing with securing, including demining of post-war areas.


The INPRO Association has already released all of its funding to help cover the cost of volunteers working for Ukraine in a direct way this year. Additional financial support from sources other than the European Solidarity Corps is needed to continue such a volunteer program.

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