The Parasol Group



Mira Widurek
Association for Equality 


Actions taken to help Ukraine, refugees, and integrate refugees in Poland

  1. Organization of material collections at the level of three communes, including clothes, food, medicine, cleaning products. About 30 tons of gifts were collected, some of which were transferred to the provincial warehouse and the rest is successively distributed on the spot to refugees staying in the Low Beskids. The collection was organized at the following points:

a) Dukla Commune (Cergowa People's House, Responsible Volunteer Fire Department from Dukla Commune),
b.) Nowy Żmigród Commune (Kąty People's House, responsible Generation Association),
c.) Iwonicz Zdrój (Iwonicz Volunteer Fire Department, Responsible Volunteer Fire Department from the Iwonicz Zdrój Commune).

  1. Acquiring charity transport from Germany took place thanks to the cooperation with the councilor of Dukla, Ewa Szymko. The transport was directed to the Folkowisko Association. It included new mattresses, pillows, duvets and blankets, as well as food and clothes.
  2. Acquiring charity transport from France took place thanks to cooperation with the Sioło Beskidu Association from Zawadka Rymanowska. Clothes, cleaning products, food and dressings. Some of them were transferred to Ukraine through the Informal Group at Kino Za Rogiem Cafe in Rzeszów.
  3. The selection of the Folkowisko Association in Texas USA took place thanks to the cooperation with the Councilor of the Dukla Commune, Ewa Szymko.
  4. Together with the «Wielkie Serce dla Dzieci» Foundation, we accept a donation from Jeronimo Martins Polska thanks to cooperation with the Biedronka Foundation for the amount of approx. PLN 108,000 (35 pallets, total weight approx. 24 tons). The donation includes: flour, sugar, oil, pates, kabanos sausages, baby food, jams, cereals, pasta, sauces, biscuits, instant coffee, ready meals, mineral water, colored pencils, pacifiers, diapers, corn flakes, fruit, vegetables and personal hygiene and household chemicals. More than 20 non-governmental organizations and communes as well as informal groups benefited from the assistance:

a) Chorkówka Commune - the Association for Equality, through the commune administrator, donated food, the distribution of which was taken care of by GOPS Chorkówka,
b) Krempna Commune - through KGW Krempna with Bożena Kogut-Janus and KGW Myscowa with Małgorzata Mroczka, food was delivered to guests from Ukraine,
c) Dukla Commune - responsible Wioletta Jakiła from the Volunteer Fire DepartmentDukla took care of the distribution of food,
c) Iwonicz Zdrój Commune - Councilor Marek Bliżycki undertook the task of distributing food,
d) Nowy Żmigród Commune - the «Pokolenie» Association with Krystyna and Tadeusz Źrebc, on an ongoing basis, distributes food, handing it over to the families of refugees hosted in this commune,
e) Kołaczyce Commune - GOPS Kołaczyce together with local NGOs watches over the distribution of food,
f) Komańcza Commune - Association for Equality, through volunteers Danuta Gał and Ewa Stanikowska, donated food to families and nuns at the monastery in Komańcza, which hosted refugees.
g) In addition, through the Association for Equality, food was donated to the following non-governmental organizations dealing directly with refugees at the border or in Ukraine:
h) The Borderland Culture Animation Association "Folkowisko" in Cieszanów with Basia Psiuk,
i) «W Krainie Źródeł» Association in Jaśliska in the Low Beskids with Mateusz Ocias,
k) Q Foundation in Rozalin with Marcin Kurnik
l) Informal group from the Kino Na Rogu Cafe from Rzeszów with Vera Bekysh and Janusz Zioło. Independent distribution was conducted by Jadwiga Jagieło, President of the «Wielkie Serce dla Dzieci» Foundation from Krosno. And there will probably also be information from her.

  1. The Manko Association from Krakow donated to our Association adult diapers in size M and L. They will be handed over to the Folkowisko Association on April 5th.
  2. We prepare hot lunch meals for 50 people - volunteers working in 

the warehouse of the Folkowisko Association in Cieszanów. We take them over a distance of almost 200 km one way. KGW from Beskid Niski and volunteers of the Association for Equality participate in the preparation of meals. These are home-made and regional dishes (such as pierogi, kopytka, racuchy, gołąbki, proziaki, roasted meat, soups).In addition, the Association for Equality supports families from Ukraine with food from surpluses collected from Biedronka stores as part of cooperation with the Podkarpackie Food Bank. We use fruit to make multi-fruit juices, fry jams, and make tomato puree from tomatoes. The preserves are handed over to refugees and volunteers working with them on an ongoing basis.

  1. Every week, on Thursdays, we meet Ukrainian children and their mothers at the Za Rogiem Cafe in Rzeszów, during which fairy tales by Mirka Widurek - the President of the Association for Equality, are read translated into Ukrainian.
  2. We are preparing a bilingual edition of Mirka Widurek's fairy tales (in Polish and Ukrainian) as well as an audiobook with these fairy tales. Funds are collected for this purpose (through crowdfunding), a recording studio and professional teachers have been commissioned to record an audiobook, the process of translating fairy tales into Ukrainian is now being completed, during Thursday meetings, Ukrainian children draw characters and events from fairy tales, and the drawings will be used as illustrations for the publication of the fairy tales, the Q Foundation was obtained for cooperation, which declared the computer composition.
  3. Association for Equality is the local coordinator of NGO activities in the eastern part of the Low Beskids.
  4. In the «Parasol» group, we are responsible for providing food support to volunteers working at the border.
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