The Parasol Group



The Parasol Group was created as a response to the current situation in Ukraine. It is a grassroots, apolitical movement of non-governmental organizations and activists from the Podkarpackie province in Poland. Our province is directly neighbouring Ukraine. 

We provide comprehensive support to refugees and organizations working on their behalf. Our activities cover the entire area of Podkarpackie province and not only. We coordinate and professionalize actions that arose from the heart's need in response to the crisis. 
We create a platform to network with the government, local governments, organizations and activists. We established this partnership because we believe it is important to speak with one voice. 

We provide the following support: 
we connect organizations in joint action
we create volunteers' databases
we inform (we effectively react to disinformation)
we provide food support for volunteers
we conduct research activities to know what help and organization of work are most needed
we mediate in reaching psychological help points
we mediate in reaching translators
we mediate in humanitarian aid ("little bridge", that is, help from local organizations for refugees and residents of Ukraine)

The member organizations: 

Ekoskop Association
Bieszczady People's University
Bieszczadzka Foundation
Przemyśl Ukrainian House
Folkowisko Association
SOS Życie Foundation
Association for Equality
Foundation Q
Association of International Projects "INPRO"
The Great Heart Foundation for Children
private persons cooperating with organizations
scientists and researchers
activists and activists
residents of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship and the whole of Poland
We work with:
The Chancellery of the Prime Minister
Podkarpackie Voivodship Office
The Convention of Councils for Public Benefit Activities
Local governments
The Parasol Group was established as part of the Parasol Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Podkarpacie Region, initiated by the Ekoskop Association and the Bieszczady People's University. The Umbrella Federation is composed of:
Ekoskop Association
Bieszczady People's University
Association of International Projects "INPRO"
Foundation Q
SOS Życie Foundation

Our website:
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